Sudbury’s Best Knife Sharpening

We are proud to say that we sharpen a “LOT” of knives. Our knives go through a rigorous sharpening process resulting in very smooth and extremely sharp edges. We contour knives, grind new tips, reduce bolsters and replace handles. For the “foodie” or someone who loves working with sharp knives, we are Sudbury’s first choice.We are also an authorized dealer of quality knives by Wusthoff. Made in Solingen Germany, Wusthoff has been making knives for over 200 years.

Knife Sharpening/Exchange Program

For over 20 years, we have been in the sharpening business . During this time we have satisfied a very demanding clientele wanting long lasting and very sharp tools. From the woodworker to the hunter, fisherman and tapper, we pride ourselves on great service and our knowledge for sharpening and customer satisfaction. For nearly the same number of years, we have carried the Wustoff Trident line of knives for the discerning buyer, as our product of choice.

For some time now, we have been listening to a large and frustrated niche in the food industry on the knife rental services available to them. We have been listening and feel confident that we are ready to supply Sudbury with an affordable knife program providing long lasting sharp knives with the best customer service available.

Why us?


We will take the time to educate staff on the proper care of our knives and maintenance of blades in between regular visits.


Superior Quality, Superior Product

The knives will stay sharper longer increasing productivity and reducing potential injuries.
Your establishment will need to carry fewer knives, reducing costs. With fewer knives the frequency of sharpening could increase with little change in the overall costs for the service.

Convenience and Customer Service

We are Sudbury based and no more than 20 minutes should you need us. Tailored times, days and frequency of sharpening are available to you. We will work around your schedule not ours. If your restaurant is open, we are always available to you.


Fewer knives means reduced sharpening costs
Better knives means higher productivity less injuries
Better moral equals higher productivity

Cost of knives is very affordable. Knives needing to be replaced due to being lost or stolen will be charged back at our costs plus 20% across the board.

True confession : a quality knife sharpening service has evaporated the nagging complaint I had carried around for years in the back of my cranium that moaned. Our knives are not sharp enough, but what can I do about it? These knives have given me back my cutting edge, for a price that’s more than worth it. It’s saved me time. Made prep work fun.We are confident, that our service and the Wusthoff Trident products will go a long way to re-energize the culinary life in your establishment.