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Kitchen Knives, Paper Cutters


Carbide and Steel Circular Blades, Straight Knives (Planer, Joiner, Chipper), Mower blades, Brusher Blades, Chain Saw, Drill Bits, Core Bits


Fabric Scissors, Salon Scissors, Clipper Blades


About Bay Sharpening

Bay Sharpening has been in the sharpening business for over 25 years. We are currently the only sharpening business in Northern Ontario offering a full range of sharpening services done on premises.

Our motto is “We Sharpen Almost Anything” is a testament to the services we offer. We feel it’s important for people to know, that every tool or implement that we use for work, home or pleasure, from kitchen knives to circular saw blades are designed to be sharpened at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Sharpening versus buying new is not only great for the environment, most sharpening is better than the factory edge. Sharpening allows customers to get off the throw away and buy again cycle. Simply put, it saves YOU money. Getting away from the disposable implements allows you to buy better tools which in turn; perform better, last longer and are safer to use. Better and sharper tools, usually results in greater user satisfaction and always makes your work a little easier.

Owners Marc and Max Bouffard invite you to try our services, call or email us with any questions regarding our services, pricing and delivery.

We are the proud authorized dealers for WUSTOF products and knives. To add to our list of knives we are also exclusive SPYDERCO, KIZER, ZERO TOLERANCE, KERSHAW, KAI and SHUN CUTLERY retailers. We are also the authorized dealer for Karnasch carbide circular saw blades. These high end German blades provide excellent value and performance.

Marc and Max

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